Hello! Welcome to my art blog!

I wasn’t planning on putting too many details about myself on this blog, however, since I’m using this platform for the whole semester I thought I might as well have some fun with it! Instead of treating this blog like a homework assignment, I want to add some of my personality through my writing, this about me, the song of the week that I link, and generally just through any feature on this blog.

This isn’t my first WordPress. I’ve done about two of these blogs for my classes before. I can already tell that this blog will be different. For the other blogs, I think I treated them too much like an assignment (to be fair, I did have to make one of them really formal). I can already feel myself getting a little attached to this blog.

Some quick things about myself: I love to eat and travel! I’ve traveled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. I would love to go to Japan because it just seems like a very well-rounded travel destination. I also love to listen to various types of music! I really like indie music(I’m not entirely sure what genre I specifically like, so I’ll just use the general term I guess) and kpop (which is a little embarrassing to admit, but hey-it’s my blog).