Wk15 – Art Activity – Designing My Life

There’s a question out there that most students are afraid of. They dread it every time friends and family brings it up. It’s a question that they don’t fully know the answer for. What do you want to do in the future?

I am currently 19 years old and after this semester I will be entering my third year in college. I never say things like “I’m a freshman/sophomore/junior/senior” because in the back of my mind I just think, “what if I need to take an extra year to graduate?”

I may not know 100% what I want to do in the future, but for now I can just see myself finishing up school. Hopefully before I graduate I can do things like having a part time job, doing internships, and studying abroad in Japan with my friend. As of right now I am studying to become an Information Systems major. If everything goes right, hopefully I can get an IT job somewhere right after I graduate.

If I didn’t have to worry about being an IS major, I would love to just quit school and possibly just start up my own restaurant or cafe. It’s not that I don’t like school but I guess if it is possible to make money without having to go to college, I would like to do that. I had a friend in high school that is on an indefinite gap year and he is now working in video production. The reason why a restaurant or cafe sounds nice to me is because it probably seems like an easy business idea in my head. I just like imagining that I have a very aesthetically pleasing place that people of all ages like the visit. I would be able to market it well on social media and people would talk about how good the food is. I think another reason why a restaurant or cafe sounds good to me is because of the inner foodie in me. And also possibly because the city I live in doesn’t have a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants. I think I could possibly bring in good Vietnamese food but I think I’m being a little too confident.

If I were in a financially secure position, I would love to travel the world. It would be pretty cool to be like Andrew Zimmerman and just go around the world and eat exotic foods. I would love to travel around to Europe and Asia. Settling down in Japan sounds like but also cliche because I feel like Japan is always the Asian country people talk about. But I do find it understandable because Japan is such a nice mix of tradition and modern cultures. Also, I just love Asian countries in general so settling down in Hong Kong or Taiwan is fine too.


I filled out a “Designing Your Life” worksheet for each of the three futures I talked about earlier. As expected, Alternative Plan #1 was the most realistic one for me. Alternative Plan #3 was the least realistic but I could definitely see that as something coming true in my mid-30s or just whenever I’m financially stable enough. Planning out Alternative Plan #3 was difficult because I felt like I couldn’t really see myself doing too much with it. Ideally, living life and travelling is fun. Living life only to travel might not be as fun.

I thought this was a pretty cool project and it definitely made me think more about how I could possibly get where I want to be in the future. It also helped me realize that even if one path doesn’t work out for me, I always have the potential to build a new path in life.


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