WK15 – EC – Evaluating Art Activites

Art110 is the first and only art class that I have taken in college. I signed up for it and I was slightly afraid because I had no clue what this class would be like. What I got was a fun class filled with art activities, bonding with classmates, and browsing through art galleries. Throughout the semester, we did 11 art activities. Some of them made an impression on me while others didn’t. Here is what I thought about some of the art activities:

Top Three Favorite Activities

  • Art Care Package: What I loved about this activity was that it was just a personal and intimate project. The whole process was fun. From thinking about the person you want to send the package to receiving an art care package back. This is just a really thoughtful activity to do. I like that it shows the person you want to send your art care package to that you really care about them. It’s just such a random thing to receive so I’m sure it made the recipient happy to see that you’re thinking of them.
  • Landscapes With A Corpse: This might be a bit of a biased one because I did this at my sister’s bridal shower. I personally had fun taking the pictures because I liked having my sister’s friends wonder why do I want to look like a corpse. I also had fun coming up with a concept. My concept with based off of the short story, Say Cheese and Die, from the Goosebumps series. My pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted but the process of taking the pictures was fun.
  • Sketching in the Garden: This activity was pretty fun because you get to be outside and socialize and sketch with any friends that you made in the class. I think this was the perfect art activity to (almost) end the semester with. I rarely have time to go to the Japanese Gardens so I liked being able to go there, sketch, walk around, and take pictures without worrying about being on a time crunch.

Top Three Least Favorite Activites

  • Zines and Flip Books: This one may have been my own fault but my main complaint was just that there was so many pages to work on. My concept was countries that I have traveled to. It was fun to think about but the actual process of making the zine wasn’t. It doesn’t really help that I’m not a good artist so I wasn’t really proud of half of my zine. It started off good and at the end I just wanted to get my zine over with.
  • Graffiti Writing: I’m not a true rebel if I don’t like to graffiti. Just kidding. I think my issue with graffiti writing was just that I had no clue what I was doing. I was constantly annoyed that my lettering kept dripping. Also purchasing the spray paint was a weird process too because all the spray paint is locked in a case and also I just wasn’t sure how much to buy. The inner cheap person in me also didn’t want to get a large can for a one time project.
  • Plaster Casting: Again, this one was just a time bias. I think this assignment wasn’t assigned at a good time for me because it was assigned during the week of Chinese New Years. There was also a lot of behind the scenes drama that made me view this project very negatively. I had this whole “I just want this project done with” mentality. Then I also just have the same reasons like graffiti writing. Buying the resources just didn’t seem worth it for a one time project. Also, I’m just not really a fan of sand.

Overall, some art activities were just really fun because of my experiences with it. Even though there were some projects that I wasn’t a fan of, I still liked them because it made me try something new.


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