Wk14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden


These are my 10 3-second sketches of things that I found in the Japanese garden. I’m not too proud of these. I only like maybe 4-5 of these. The hardest part about this part of the activity was fighting the urge to erase. I would draw a line and then think “I need to erase this NOW.” Then about halfway into getting my eraser out I would have to remind myself that I can’t use an eraser. This process happened probably 3 times.


This is a picture of my 5-minute contour drawing of the lake. I really liked how the lake looked like from where I was standing. I think the deck is really what inspired me to draw that side of the lake. I started drawing the deck first and I really liked what I was doing. I thought I did pretty well…until I ended up finishing drawing everything but the lake. All I had left was the lake and I had no clue how to draw the lily pads.

Overall, this was a pretty fun experience. I rarely ever have the time to visit the Japanese Gardens on campus because it is just so out of the way for me and I just don’t have that much time to visit it. I felt good just being able to sit in a shady area and sketch out what I saw.


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