Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Gabriela and Marilyn


For this week’s classmate conversation I talked to Gabriela and Marilyn.

Gabriela is majoring in learning and she wants to be a teacher. What inspired her to be a teacher was an ROP program from her high school. I asked her what ideal grade level she would want to teach and she said that she would want to teach third graders. Her hobbies include going out with friends, cooking, listening to music, and travelling. I asked her where she traveled to and she said that she recently went to spring break. She also mentioned she had a layover in Taiwan. I thought that was cool because I went to Taiwan during winter break.

Marilyn is majoring in business management and supply chain management. She was originally a criminal justice major but then she figured that with the amount of dangerous situations she might be put in, it wouldn’t be worth how much she’ll be paid. She is in a sorority and she has two jobs which does not leave her with a lot of free time. She does like to stress bake. Her favorite thing to bake is funnel cake cupcakes.


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