Wk10 – Art Activity – The Wedge

Ah, yes. The infamous USU Wedge. I will have to admit, I do walk through this wedge myself even though I know it’s a traffic issue. It doesn’t even save that many steps but I used to walk through that wedge so often during my first semester of college. At one point I stopped walking through it just to make it convenient for other people to walk through it. It always felt a bit awkward walking through the wedge and then seeing one or two people just standing there and waiting to walk through. What I find interesting about this wedge is how motivated people are to walk through it. It doesn’t save you that many steps and with the amount of time you have to wait in order to be able to squeeze through, you might as well just walk around it.


Originally, I thought about just getting rid of the wall entirely. If the issue is a traffic problem, then why not get rid of the entire wall? But I do feel like this wall adds something to this side of campus. Instead of completely getting rid of the wall, I decided to make it more open. This will still allow the campus to have unique architecture and students can still walk through their favorite shortcut. To be honest, I’ve always found the width of the wall awkward because of the benches on both sides of the wall. If we create a bigger hole in the wall then the distance between both benches wouldn’t be seem so awkwardly far apart.

I think with this new access route, students will now have three ways to get through this wall. They could go through the “short cut” way, through the wall, or they could walk by the side of the wall that is closest to the road.


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