Wk9- Art Activity – Graffiti Writing


This weeks art activity was graffiti writing! I don’t really have much experience using spray paint so even buying the spray paint was new to me. I had this whole debate in my head on whether or not I should get the big can or the small can. I ended up getting the small can because I didn’t really think I needed much.

Nope. I was wrong. Surprisingly, I actually ended up running out of spray paint. To be fair, this was mainly because I did a test run on the back of my piece of cardboard. I wanted to go back on my white lettering to make the colors look more filled it but I ended up finishing the can of spray paint. Another issue I had was that the paint kept running. I followed the directions on the spray paint can to prevent running but it still happened. I felt like I was Spongebob in that episode when he and Patrick painted Mr. Krabs’ room and they were afraid of having a drop of paint fall on a dollar bill.

Another issue I had was that I had no clue how bad my aim was. When I went to do the blue outline, I kept accidentally painting on top of the white lettering. One minute, I would think I was holding the spray paint in the right area. The next minute, I would be spraying on top of the white lettering. By the time I finished outlining the white letters I realized that I probably made this assignment more difficult than it needed to be. I realized I probably could have done the blue lettering first and then spray the white on top. This project also would have been easy if I had a bigger piece of cardboard to work on or if I did the lettering bigger.

Considering that this was my first time doing spray paint lettering, I would say I did an okay job. I mean, you could still tell that I was trying to spell my name. To be honest, I feel like it looks like I was making a promposal sign for myself.


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