Wk8 – Art Activity – Fingerpainting

This week’s art activity is fingerpainting! If I had to be completely honest, I don’t really have memories of fingerpainting when I was in elementary school. I’m sure I did it when I was in kindergarten but I don’t remember doing it. I do remember learning about different artists and trying to paint the same way they did.

Anyways, back to the project. The only two colors I got for this project was red and purple. I figured that I could always make a new color. I actually had a lot of fun making a new color! I made two colors because I wasn’t really paying attention to how much red and purple I was using. Unfortunately, the first color I made was just for my practice round. The second color I made is actually in the first picture shown below but I didn’t really make enough of it.

In automatic drawing fashion, I attempted to do the first painting with my eyes closed. I’m glad that I did because I felt like if I had actually tried thinking about what to paint, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with what I painted. I’m actually pretty proud of what I did. I think it looks pretty nice! I really like the bottom right corner where all my fingerprints are overlapping.


For my second painting I did look at the paper and I decided I wanted to make flowers. I failed. By the time I made a flower that I was proud of, I ran out of space on my paper. I think my purple flowers ended up looking a lot nicer than my red flowers. Also,to spice up my painting I just did the random dotting again. I like how my dotting kind of ended up looking like a deformed heart.


Overall, I had a pretty fun time doing this project! At first, I was frustrated at how the paint looked on the paper. I would either apply the paint too thick or too thin. At one point I was able to finally accept the way the paint appeared on paper. Painting without a subject in mind felt liberating. I think that is why I like my first painting more than my second painting. I feel more proud of my first painting because I like the feeling I had when I was painting it. When I painted it, I just felt free to do whatever. I probably would do this project again during summer whenever I have free time!


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