Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Downey Lee


This week I talked to Downey Lee who is a psychology major. She is graduating this semester! She mentioned that she wants to be a psychology major because she just likes talking to other people and helping them. I learned that she works as a receptionist for a hair salon in Los Angeles. It seems like we both have to deal with far commutes! Her commute seems worse because she has to deal with LA traffic. We also seem to bond over food because we talked about some cool restaurants nearby. It turns out we both frequent the same sushi restaurant so I gave her a recommendation on what she should try the next time she goes.

Slightly weird side note, I think Downey has a pretty nice talking voice! I find her voice really relaxing to listen to. Recently, I realized that I actually take note on how people speak. Sometimes I after I speak to someone I just think about how nice their voice sounds or how eloquent they are.


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