Wk6 – Art Experience – Zine

This week’s art project is making a zine! As someone who is awful at drawing, I’ve never been interested in making a zine. This isn’t the first time I’ve been introduced to the concept of zines. I’ve seen a couple of zines while browsing on Instagram. They were usually made by the cool, artsy kids that I knew in school.

My theme of my zine is travelling. More specifically, it is based off of the Asian countries that I have visited before. I’ve been to Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Thailand. I excluded Thailand from this zine because I went when I was really young so I don’t really have a lot of memories from there.

I chose to do my zine based off of travelling because it is one of the things that I am passionate about. I would honestly love to study abroad one day but for now I’m just grateful that I get to travel during the break. One thing that I really like about travelling is being able to experience living like locals and being able to do things that I normally wouldn’t do in America. For example, I am actually very passionate about the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system in Asia. I very much prefer being able to take the subway station and walk instead of having to drive everywhere in America. I also just really like being able to experience a culture in a way that I wouldn’t be able to in America.

Working on this zine was pretty fun! It reminded me about some of the things that I really liked about the countries that I have visited. It brought back some pretty good memories. I went to Vietnam and Taiwan during winter break so all the memories were pretty fresh in my head (I also may or may not be having some serious Taiwanese food cravings). I tried to format my zine with landmarks on one side and food on the other. Even though my drawings aren’t great, I still had fun drawing and figuring out what to draw. I don’t think I would make zines often after this but I would definitely consider making one again if I was bored enough to. It would be cool to make a collaborative one with my friends.


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