Wk4 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


This week’s project is making an Art Care Package! I decided to send one to my friend that I’ve known ever since middle school. Even though we go to the same college we rarely see each other because of our schedules. I decided that she would be the perfect recipient because we have a lot of inside jokes with each other and I figured she would have a fun time going through the box.

In this box, I put in a couple of memes that we both laughed about together. I did something similar to that last year for her birthday. In her birthday present bag, I printed and cut out lines from a hilariously bad Harry Potter fanfic called My Immortal. The look on her face was priceless when she realized that she knew where the source material was from.

Another thing I added was a Mabel from Gravity Falls charm. We both have the same charm but I know her’s broke so I’m giving her mine instead. I also added a badge from Anime Expo, which is an anime convention that is annually held in LA. It’s the badge from the Anime Expo I’ve ever attended. I put in a couple strips of washi tape because we both share a love of washi tape.

While working on this project, I found that making an art care package is the same as sending a Snapchat to someone. When you’re sending an art care package or a Snapchat, you have a person in mind. You just have that thought of, “oh I think *insert name here* would like this! I’ll send one/take a picture to that person!” I do think you put more care and thought into an art care package than a Snapchat. On Snapchat, you just take a picture and BAM – you hit send. An art care package involves planning which person to send it to, thinking of things they would like, thinking you things you like that you want to show them, and finding a way to package everything.

I don’t think ephemeras are trash – especially if you are receiving it from someone. When you receive an ephemera, you learn about a small part of their life. You start wondering why they kept this one small item for such a long period of time. Surely, it must have some importance to them if they kept it for such a long time.

I think there is a difference between art that is seen to the public and art care packages. Art care packages can be more intimate with details. They have a much more personal and deep connection between the sender and the receiver. For public art, the artist knows all the details behind their artwork. The viewers are the ones that end up making their own interpretations.

With technology these days, sending letters sounds like a hassle. Why wait a week for a letter when you could send a picture within a matter of seconds? Receiving things in a slower time frame can be better because you end up thinking more carefully about what you send. When I was preparing it I kept thinking about what I could send that would make sending this package worth it.

An art care package has the possibility of containing “love” different from a Snapchat. In my art care package, I made sure to include at least one item from a shared memory. With an art care package, the memories last a long time. With a Snapchat, the memories last only for a day (unless you’re tech saavy and take screenshots of every Snapchat you receive).


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