Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Eliza Karpel


For this week’s Classmate Conversation I talked to Eliza. She is a history major and she loves learning about European history. Speaking of Europe, she hopes to go travel in Europe one day. If she does go to Europe, she hopes to either backpack or study abroad there. We’re both pretty similar in the sense that we want to go to Europe and if we were to study abroad, it would preferably be during summer break.

When we walked through the art galleries together we realized that we both have the same taste in art. There was one gallery that we both liked the most due to the use of color and the paint splatters all over the picture frames. In one gallery, we saw a painting of a dog so I ended up asking Eliza if she was a cat or dog person. She likes cats but she owns both cats and dogs.

It was fun to meet a new person and then walk through the art galleries with them. It’s cool to see what kind of art they like and whether you both have the same preferences or not.


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