Wk2 – Art Activity – Landscape With A Corpse

This week’s activity is called Landscape With A Corpse. Honestly, the first time I heard of this project I thought we would actually have to find a corpse to take a picture with. Yes, it is a very morbid thought and I have no clue why I even thought that would be possible. I was pretty relieved to find that I would be the “corpse.” Wait-what?

Yes, I would have to be the “corpse” in this activity. Fortunately, that just meant that I had to lay down on the floor which is one of the things that I do best! To be completely honest, I would have never considered doing this assignment until now. My mom once told me that it wasn’t good to take a picture of someone sleeping because it has something to do with resembling death. I never had an interest in take a picture of someone sleeping or even looking a little bit dead after hearing that.


I title this photo, “Wake Me Up Inside (Can’t Wake Up)!” which is named about Evanescence’s 2003 classic song, “Bring Me to Life.” I just thought that line perfectly fits with this assignment. I know, it’s not the most interesting photo and I tried to base it off of Izima Kaoru’s photograph which I have included underneath my photo. Well, I certainly succeeded in imitating that pose. A couple issues that I had was that I had no clue where to look and I also could not stop laughing. Yeah, a little background about my photoshoot: I took this photo during the middle of my sister’s bridal shower.

I call this photo set, “Say Cheese! (And Die!)”, based on the Goosebumps novel of the same name. So the idea was to take a Polaroid picture of me laying down on the floor. Then I would take a picture on a digital picture of me in the same pose but with the Polaroid in my hand. This was to show that the Polaroid predicted how it would look like when I die, similar to how the Goosebumps story goes. I really loved this idea and I was so excited to do it. The issue was that the Polaroid turned out too dark. I think it was because there wasn’t much lighting in the room. I could have just retaken the photo but I was on a time crunch (and also because I was scared of wasting film). Instead, I decided to just flip the film over. I kind of figured that even if the Polaroid turned out well, it would have been hard to see it in the digital picture.

Overall, the assignment wasn’t too bad. There isn’t really much that I would do to change this project. I think I should have been more prepared for my death poses. For some reason it was just so hard to think of a pose. I think I had more fun thinking about potential names than taking the picture. I like taking pictures of other people and I don’t like looking at pictures of myself. It was a painful process of going through these photos even though there was only seven of them.

Would I do this project again? Maybe. I would love to be able to do my Goosebumps idea again.


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