Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Christine Pham


For this week, I talked to Christine Pham, who also goes by Carry. I learned that she is a Healthcare Administrative major. She is considering on minoring in Information Systems, which happens to be my major! I’ve also learned that she one day hopes to earn her master’s degree (preferably at a UC). She would also like to work in a hospital one day.

Christine told me that she is very health conscious and that she has probably tried most health diets out there. For example, she has once attempted to eat gluten-free for a while. She loves to eat organic food. She also tries to cook her own meals since it is healthier than going out to eat. I just find this all very fascinating because I consider myself a food lover and I could never imagine myself giving up really delicious tasting foods! I really respect anyone that can stick to certain diets because you really need to have a lot of determination and preservation!


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