Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Jeremy McCoy

20170125_141339.jpgDuring our very first class meeting, I decided to talk to Jeremy. I was surprised to learn that we are both IS majors and that Art 110 is not the only class we have in common. It turns out that we have economics together too!

Aside from the boring school stuff, I got to learn other interesting details about Jeremy. I learned that he works at CVS and that he has a younger sister. I’ve also learned that if he were to travel around the world, he would want to travel to Japan and Korea (I want to go to those countries too!). He also likes to play video games in his spare time. I also learned that he and I share the same dislike for parking in parking structures and that we’re both not the best at drawing.

Overall, it was nice talking to Jeremy and I am interested to see what else I could learn about my classmates.


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